Advertise that the WMS service supports time

It looks llike the WMS service that comes out of the console does not advertise it support the time dimension and as a result an application we use wont allow us to show the time components.

Is is possible that when the get capabilities come out of sentinel hub to advertise as per OGC specification that time dimension is suported.

IS there a setting i am missing?

It is not simple to define time component for a collection like Sentinel-2, which has data in some parts of the world available a couple of times a day, then in 2 (3) days, then in 5 days, then sometimes not at all (e.g. Northern Europe during winter).

A while ago, when introducing the OGC API, we tried to tackle this option, but did not find a good solution. There is also this issue that many clients do not support this parameter (e.g. QGIS)…

If you can point us to the part of the standard, which provides guildeline on how to do that, we will certainly look into it.

That said, we do have a STAC API, which can easily provide this info, for your AOI:

Looking at the documentation form OGC - i have attached here

per layer we can add this


We have actually had something like this (without P3Y as the interval was infinite), but it did still not do any good in ArcGIS.
Do you have an example of WMS that works well in ArcGIS in term of time?

(this was a couple of years ago, so it might be that things improved in the meanwhile)

the one that really helped me see what is happening is this

other example 1

example 2

I was also able to download the Capabilities locally and change them a little bit so i can get it working

see here

<WMS_Capabilities xmlns:inspire_common=“” xmlns:inspire_vs=“” xmlns=“” xmlns:sld=“” xmlns:xlink=“XLink namespace” xmlns:xsi=“” version=“1.3.0” xsi:schemaLocation=“https:/”>


Sentinel Hub WMS service - WMSTimeTest postal Cvetkova ulica 29 Ljubljana 1000 Slovenia +386 1 320-61-50 +386 1 620-22-28 None humanGeographicViewer,thematicMultibandImageManipulationService,thematicProcessingService application/xml text/xml application/vnd.ogc.wms_xml image/png image/jpeg image/jpg image/tiff application/ image/tiff;depth=8 image/tiff;depth=16 image/tiff;depth=32f application/;image_type=image/jpeg application/;image_type=image/png application/x-esri-shape application/json application/xml text/xml application/vnd.ogc.wms_xml application/vnd.ogc.gml text/html application/json text/plain XML text/xml service 2015-11-30 COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) No 1089/2010 of 23 November 2010 implementing Directive 2007/2/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards interoperability of spatial data sets and services 2010-12-08 OJ:L:2010:323:0011:0102:EN:PDF application/pdf notEvaluated Sinergise d.o.o. 2015-11-30 view infoMapAccessService eng eng Sentinel Hub WMS WMS layer EPSG:3857 CRS:84 EPSG:4326 EPSG:3035 EPSG:27700 EPSG:2157 EPSG:2154 EPSG:3912 EPSG:3794 EPSG:5514 EPSG:3765 EPSG:4026 SR-ORG:98739 EPSG:28992 EPSG:3003 EPSG:3004 EPSG:3844 EPSG:3346 EPSG:2180 EPSG:31287 EPSG:3416 EPSG:2193 EPSG:3995 EPSG:3031 EPSG:32601 EPSG:32701 EPSG:32602 EPSG:32702 EPSG:32603 EPSG:32703 EPSG:32604 EPSG:32704 EPSG:32605 EPSG:32705 EPSG:32606 EPSG:32706 EPSG:32607 EPSG:32707 EPSG:32608 EPSG:32708 EPSG:32609 EPSG:32709 EPSG:32610 EPSG:32710 EPSG:32611 EPSG:32711 EPSG:32612 EPSG:32712 EPSG:32613 EPSG:32713 EPSG:32614 EPSG:32714 EPSG:32615 EPSG:32715 EPSG:32616 EPSG:32716 EPSG:32617 EPSG:32717 EPSG:32618 EPSG:32718 EPSG:32619 EPSG:32719 EPSG:32620 EPSG:32720 EPSG:32621 EPSG:32721 EPSG:32622 EPSG:32722 EPSG:32623 EPSG:32723 EPSG:32624 EPSG:32724 EPSG:32625 EPSG:32725 EPSG:32626 EPSG:32726 EPSG:32627 EPSG:32727 EPSG:32628 EPSG:32728 EPSG:32629 EPSG:32729 EPSG:32630 EPSG:32730 EPSG:32631 EPSG:32731 EPSG:32632 EPSG:32732 EPSG:32633 EPSG:32733 EPSG:32634 EPSG:32734 EPSG:32635 EPSG:32735 EPSG:32636 EPSG:32736 EPSG:32637 EPSG:32737 EPSG:32638 EPSG:32738 EPSG:32639 EPSG:32739 EPSG:32640 EPSG:32740 EPSG:32641 EPSG:32741 EPSG:32642 EPSG:32742 EPSG:32643 EPSG:32743 EPSG:32644 EPSG:32744 EPSG:32645 EPSG:32745 EPSG:32646 EPSG:32746 EPSG:32647 EPSG:32747 EPSG:32648 EPSG:32748 EPSG:32649 EPSG:32749 EPSG:32650 EPSG:32750 EPSG:32651 EPSG:32751 EPSG:32652 EPSG:32752 EPSG:32653 EPSG:32753 EPSG:32654 EPSG:32754 EPSG:32655 EPSG:32755 EPSG:32656 EPSG:32756 EPSG:32657 EPSG:32757 EPSG:32658 EPSG:32758 EPSG:32659 EPSG:32759 EPSG:32660 EPSG:32760 -180 180 -90 90 1889-01-01T00:00:00.000Z/2009-06-18T00:00:00.000Z/P3Y 2017-01-01/2017-02-01 NDVI NDVI NDVI default default Default layer style 1889-01-01T00:00:00.000Z/2009-06-18T00:00:00.000Z/P3Y

Thanks for putting this effort. We will look into it and if it is feasible, add it as a feature to our OGC end-points.