API call to get data based on cloud detection per AOI

Up until now when I make an API call to get either imagery or statistics for a date range, data was returned based on the cloud cover calculated for the whole tile. Like this: http://services.sentinel-hub.com/v1/fis/{instance}?LAYER=NDVI-VALUE&TIME=2015-06-30/2019-01-01&CRS=EPSG:4326&RESOLUTION=10m&MAXCC=5&GEOMETRY=POLYGON(())

However, with Cloud Detector — s2cloudless, is it possible and, if so, how would I do an API call to get imagery and statistical info for a date range where data is returned based on cloud cover detected per Area of Interest (POLYGON or BBOX), instead of the whole tile?

I’m aware of the sentinelhub-py library, but I was wondering if there would be a simple way for a non-technical person like myself to get this data by making an API call.

The result I’m looking for is to get imagery and statistical info for a specific area with less than 0% cloud cover.

Many thanks,

s2cloudless is currently available only as an open-source library and the only way to use it is to install/configure it on your own side. Once running, you should then replace first call s2cloudless API for each available date and then use (if cloud coverage is reasonable) this date for statistical API as well.

We are working to integrate s2cloudless directly in Sentinel Hub but it is a significant IT challenge to have it running globally. Once running, it will be easier for non-technical persons as well.


Thanks for clarifying Grega!