Automatic WMS configuration

I have to repeat many times the same configuration (for different dates) of a service in WMS Configurator (for example: I have to configure an NDVI service for 01/12/2018 image, repeat the same service on 01/18/2018 image and thus a lot of times for the whole year 2018)
Is there any way to generate services automatically in WMS Configurator, starting from a service used as a model and changing only the dates of the images that the services call? . The objective is to avoid the manual task of creating the services.
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What do you mean by ‚Äúservice‚ÄĚ? WMS instance/configuration or layer?
If configuration, you can always copy the configuration by using ‚ÄúSelect from existing instances‚ÄĚ option:

If it is new layer, you can duplicate existing layer by clicking the right bottom icon in this screen:

There is no way to do large number of instances/layers.

Note however that you can pass date as a TIME parameter in the WMS request, directly from your GIS client. So you might not even need to create more layers/configurations, you can only use one. (if your GIS application allows this option)

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