Batch statistical fail


In an S3 bucket, I have sentinel hub’s “geopackage-example.gpkg” and my geopackage file.

However, using the pythong API for batch statistical I am only able to use the “geopackage-example.gpkg” and when I try my file I get:

error’: "Failed to analyse feature collection: 'Failed to load feature.

I tried to limit my gpkg to 2 columns same as the example file and also only 2 rows.
I checked that it is not corrupted using QGIS.

What may cause this error?


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Hi @tonish ,

There are a few requirements for the input GPKG file:

  • A mandatory column named id (used as name of json file (e.g. 1.json, 2.json) and must be an integer sequence);
  • A mandatory column named geometry;
  • The geometry must be in the same CRS supported by Sentinel Hub;
  • All geometries are either in a type of POLYGON or MULTIPOLYGON (can’t be a mix of both);
  • All geometries must be valid.

Let me know if the issue persists.

Best Regards


Hi thanks for your answer

I couldn’t resolve this yet.

I loaded a csv to geopandas.
I created an “id” column with unique numbers and made sure that the “geometry” column has only “POLYGON” and that they are all valid.
The CRS is wgs84.
I save the geodataframe to a geopackage using geopandas.
but the error persists.

Maybe the problem is working with geopandas? but I haven’t encountered any issues until today.

Can you think of anything else I could try?

After additional help from @chung.horng, the issue is resolved.

The geopackage should contain and id, identifier and geometry.

This addition to the answer above worked.