Best way to install eo-learn v1.0.0 (Python Package)

Hi to all!

I’m interested in acquiring Satellite images for a Land Classification project.

I’ve been trying to correctly install the Python package of “eo-learn v1.0.0”, but
I’ve found that v1.0.0 it’s not available on Anaconda, and that it’s available only on pip to install.

Unfortunately, using pip for the installation I’m finding problems with the dependencies.

Could you tell me the best way to install eo-learn v1.0.0, and if v1.0.0 it’s worth respect to v0.1.0 (easily available on conda)?

Thank you!

Hi @david_baroncini

Unfortunately we do not maintain the conda forge feedstock, so we cannot say when eo-learn version 1.0.0 will be available on conda.

We’ve typically had success installing eo-learn with pip, could you please specify what problems did you have? If you are on Windows OS, then pip does have some issues, see also installation guide.

Regarding v1.0 vs v0.1: if you are starting with eo-learn, then I’d suggest v1.0.