Byoc tool not working

Hello everyone,
As I am having some issues creating and publishing a custom collection by myself, I decided to try the BYOC Tool.
Regarding versions and artifacts:

  1. docker version of the tool is 0.6.0
  2. github tagged versions don’t go beyond 0.2.4, although from my basic understanding of java, master is at v0.8.2
  3. There is only a jar release for 0.2.0

The real problem is that I can’t get the docker (best version) to work. While trying to issue an ls (list) command on a collection I get the following output:

docker run sentinelhub/byoc-tool --auth-client-id="xxxxx" --auth-client-secret='xxxx' --aws-access-key-id="xxxx" --aws-secret-access-key="xxxxx" ls c81342ef-fd52-4c89-95cd-27d6fbebeb86
2022-11-25 11:00:38,169 INFO  [main]: Request id is byoc-tool-0.6.0-0a16bac1-0ff4-4827-9746-37c0181a46f3
2022-11-25 11:00:38,226 INFO  [main]: Fetching location of the collection
2022-11-25 11:00:38,416 INFO  [main]: Fetching an access token
2022-11-25 11:00:39,276 ERROR [main]: Error occurred with message "Unexpected location creo"
java.lang.RuntimeException: Unexpected location creo
        at com.sinergise.sentinel.byoctool.sentinelhub.models.ByocCollectionInfo.getDeployment(
        at com.sinergise.sentinel.byoctool.ByocTool.newByocClient(
        at picocli.CommandLine.executeUserObject(
        at picocli.CommandLine.access$900(
        at picocli.CommandLine$RunAll.handle(
        at picocli.CommandLine$RunAll.handle(
        at picocli.CommandLine$AbstractParseResultHandler.execute(
        at picocli.CommandLine.execute(
        at com.sinergise.sentinel.byoctool.ByocTool.main(


I might add, that the S3 container is in CREODIAS. I don’t know if that is what the “unexpected location creo” message is referring to.

Hi Javier,

To use the tool, it’s best to use master branch, because the other things you mentioned are not up-to-date. To build a docker image from master, build it in standard way using the Dockerfile file that’s provided in the root.

“creo” in your error refers to CREODIAS, which the tool doesn’t support. It supports only AWS cloud.

Hi @tslijepcevic,
Thanks for the reply. I thought the way to go was rebuilding, but was hoping to avoid it.
From what you say, then, even using master branch I would not be able to make it work because I am using CREODIAS buckets. Is that correct?


That’s correct. CREODIAS buckets are not supported.

Thanks, I’ll keep using my own scripts then :wink:


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