Can't download sentinel data


I have several Sentinel images to download but for 2 I can’t. There is a error message which appear instead of the file to download :

Invalid key (c22a7236-b6bc-4b1c-a3c7-b309768a1c00) to access Products

I don’t understand the problem. Someone to help?


HI @marine.boulogne,
can you be a bit more specific on what you want to do?
Are you downloading data directly from AWS S3 or are you using Sentinel Hub services? If so, which?

Hi @gmilcinski,

I used the Sentinel Hubs services for the downloading.
I don’t have problem fort the others datas, only for 2.


I imagine you are referring to SciHub link functionality of the EO Browser? If that is the case, it is possible that specific products were already removed from SciHub.
I have tried this function on a random scene and it works OK.

To investigate further, we would need more detailed explanation of the problem, e.g. step-by-step process how to replicate the error, possibly with screenshots.