Changes of the access rights to L1C bucket at AWS Public Datasets (Requester Pays)


It is not possible any more to download data directly from browser as you might have been used to. Now you need to do it using signed requests as there are traffic costs attached to it (you will have to pay for it).


I understand … I would like support because I’m having trouble choosing the right plan and using the S2 files. If you have a tutoring, I appreciate it.


Hi @reginaldo, I’ll send you a message directly with some more info.


Hello!!! Can you send the information to me too?


@jebitronna just sent you a direct message.


Hello jflasher,

Can you send to me too :stuck_out_tongue: ?



@edcc the instructions at How to access S-2 meta-data in AWS after bucket goes to Requester pays? are the best resource but if you’re still having issues, feel free to send me a direct message on here and I’ll try to help.