Check data at many points


I have many points with lat and long. I want to search commercial data at these points to check if the data quality is good enough for my purpose. Currently, I can only use RequestBuilder to upload geojson of multi-polygons. What should I do if I want to upload these coordinates as points to look up the data.

Many thanks

Point-like search does not make much sense; in any case your points of interest are most probably just a representation of the area you are interested in. E.g. Ljubljana as a city has lat/lon, but it is just the center/centroid of the (multi)polygon the Ljubljana city spans.

That being said, I believe if you make polygon (a rectangle) of some size around each your point it should do the trick. See this SE question for a way to achieve this with geopandas, but beware of the buffer size (particularly if your data is in WGS84).