CSV for Statistical API in Request Builder


I’m using the Statistical API through request builder to get info about certain areas, but we need to have all this data in csvs. I just want to confirm there’s no option to download data and/or histogram as csv right?
We are gonna create a script to convert the JSON response into a csv if there’s no csv option, but just wanted to be sure to see if we can avoid that step.


Hi Matias,

Right now there’s no option to export the JSON response to a .csv, but since this would be a nice feature it will looked into and possibly added in the following days.

Thanks for the feedback!

Ignasi Espinosa

A side note: if you’d use sentinelhub-py (see e.g. example), there is a simple script stats_to_df that will create a pandas dataframe for you, which you can then save as csv.

Thanks guys! Since we are working with JS, we won’t be able to use python. But no problem, we’re just gonna add a script to translate the response into a csv.
Though I agree, it would be a nice feature!