DisplayWall not working

Hi all,
I have gone through the following link on adding pins in the EO browser and then visualize in the form of slideshow through DisplayWall but I couldn’t get them in the slideshow for my own selected pins.
I could see only this one image which I don’t have in my list of pins.

I have list of 15 pins in the list but only one image is displayed.
Why is that so? I tried a different browser as well.

Hi Kannan,
Could you please export your pins from EO Browser and send us the JSON file so we can investigate it further. Thank you!

I couldn’t upload the JSON file here. Could you provide me with contact information or write to me so that I can send you the JSON file.

Please send it to info@sentinel-hub.com.

Thank you for the JSON file. The reason why you couldn’t see any pins you selected in EO Browser is that there were no images available for your location matching the DisplayWall filters (maximum cloud coverage, minimum image coverage). The images are searched by default through the last 3 months. To increase the probability of displaying an image, adjust the filter settings (higher the maximum cloud coverage and lower the minimum image coverage).

If you want to display an image on a specific date, you must add “- STATIC” to the end of the pin’s name in EO Browser.