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I am new here, Have a question how could we download the indices result as shapefile or any other data format in order to get the cells indices value,

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Unfortunately, we don’t offer the option to download your requests in shapefile format. You may only download results in .jpeg, .png or .GeoTIFF formats.

If you are interested in the statistics in certain parcels then you can make use of the Statistical API, this enables you to directly access the underlying statistics without downloading the pixels. For example, you can calculate the mean NDVI for a certain area of interest.

Hope that this helps you out, and if you need some more help then let us know!

Thanks for your replay,
how about the value of the NDVI could we have it by pixel or any to get it, the idea is to detect the changes over the period by pixel

Yes, it is possible to implement Change Detection within evalscripts. For examples, this one in the custom scripts repository visualises the difference in the Normalised Burn Ratio Index between two dates.

Within the same repository there are also some specific NDVI examples such as this one which detects anomalies in NDVI.

@william.ray thanks for the information
do we have any way to extract the Values by pixel for any indices?
we were able to extract the RGB value for each pixel is there a way to get back the indices value
Our goal is to build a custom app for the client and make use of the sentinel API



Of course you can extract the exact value. Take a look at this example in the documentation for calculating NDVI with Sentinel 2. Note how the return is different from the visualisations that return RGB values.

This info should help you with your goal :slight_smile:

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