EO Browser Issues on Safari/Macbook Pro

I regularly use SH EO Browser for monitoring ice, but I just tried loading it and it won’t load on my Safari /Mac anymore. It indicated that my account had expired and I needed a paid subscription. I contacted Sentinel support and they assured me that i should be about to continue to use the non-commercial private use free. I tried clearing my history and reloading in many ways, no luck.

Any suggestions?


Dear Joel,

also with an expired account you should be able to load and use EO Browser. Are you able to see something like the image below or is your problem that you can you access the app at all? In that case which safari version are you using?

Did you maybe try to access your personal themes? This is the only thing that is not accessible and visible anymore with a free account as those are connected to the “configuration utility tool” (Dashboard). This option is reserved for paid users as you can see in our pricing plan.


It won’t even load. Not sure if you are a mac user, but the load bar just whips to the end, but loads nothing…

I’ve got v. 11.1.2 so that should not be a problem…


I have Safari 12.1.2 and have no problem using EO Browser.

I have managed to get it to run on Chrome, but won’t run on safari on either my iMac Pro or iPhone. Guessing it no longer is compatible with older versions. Mine is 11.1.2. Most recent version my machine will allow, guess it’s time for an upgrade as 12 users report that it works…

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