Errocode 500 for HTTPS

We are collecting NDVI data from 600.000 fields for one month and are experiencing and http 500 error code.

We have tried twice and gotten the same result. The dates for our trials are 07-03-2019 and 11-03-2019.

Is there any way you can help us.


Hi Rene,
could you be a bit more specific? I checked requests coming from your side and I see that on 11-03-2019 you’ve done a bit more than 51.000 requests, 23 of these resulted in 500 error, so 0.04%.
This does not sound critical to me and should to some extent be expected and taken into account when building the process. E.g. to retry once you get such an error.

Thanks for the quick reply. 0.04% seems like our code need to be a little more stable.
Given that we only fail 23 out of 51.000 we will implement improved error handling in our end.
Thanks for the information
Regards René

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