Error downloading AO Patch in deep_lulc_walkthrough

Hi all,

I have create a configuration Instance ID using Python Template and updated my config file using

replace the SentinelHub configure with your python template id here

!sentinelhub.config --instance_id 123456789ABC
!sentinelhub.config --aws_access_key_id 123456789ABC
!sentinelhub.config --aws_secret_access_key 123456789ABC

However, when I run the following cell to download eopatch. I get the following error.
Would greatly appreciate if any one help me!

ValueError Traceback (most recent call last)
12 print(“eopatch {} has been processed!”.format(idx))
13 # png_gen(‘eopatch_{}’.format(idx))
—> 14 png_gen(op.join(path_out_sampled, ‘eopatch_{}’.format(idx)), inference=False)
15 print(“Saving RGB, LULC and Inds PNG to eopatch_{} for the coming ML pipeline”.format(idx))
16 # del ‘eopatch_{}’.format(idx)

in png_gen(patch, inference)
21 patch_data = EOPatch.load(patch)
—> 22 patch_dir, patch_id = patch.split("/")
23 if inference == True:
24 inds_path = “inds_inference”

ValueError: too many values to unpack (expected 2)