Failure to download seperate S1 orbit files


I realized the Python API has NO option to pass the orbit direction to the WcsRequest function. So what I did was to change the orbit direction first to ‘ascending’ and then ‘descending’ using the Configuration Tool to see if I can download the S1 images separately. Unfortunately, for each direction, the same number of files and indeed same files are downloaded after calling the ‘get_data’ function. What is the issue here and how can it be solved?

Thank you and looking forward to your reply,


Hi Gideon,

with the recent update of Sentinel Hub service (WFS request) it is now possible to get back information about orbit direction about each S1 acquisition. This option has not been yet supported properly by sentinelhub-py but we plan to add it very soon.

In the mean time you can use existing functionalities to get orbit direction info:

import datetime
from sentinelhub import WcsRequest, BBox, CRS, DataSource, MimeType

bbox = BBox((-5.23, 48.0, -5.03, 48.17), crs=CRS.WGS84)

request = WcsRequest(data_source=DataSource.SENTINEL1_IW, layer='BANDS-S1-IW',
                     bbox=bbox, time=('2017-10-01', '2017-10-02'),
                     resx='10m', resy='10m',

for tile_info in request.get_tiles():

Thanks for the info. This will be a work-around but does not diretcly solve the issue of passing an orbit to the request. Looking forward to the update. Thanks once again!

A new version of sentinelhub-py has just been released and with it support for S-1 orbit direction: