FIS Geometry character limit


Is there a limit on the length of the WKT geometry string passed to the FIS? It seems that it is 2000 characters, therefore working in a Web Mercator projection with high accuracy will only allow about 50 coordinate pairs to be passed at a time.


Yes, there indeed is a limit, based on common URL length limits.
In terms of “accuracy” - take into account that Sentinel-2 has 10 meter resolution. In Web Mercator the decimals of the coordinates go beyond one-meter, so two orders of magnitude less than the accuracy of the Sentinel-2. I suggest you round coordinates to integers.


Thanks Grega, that is a good suggestion. I am also using a proxy page to handle the FIS requests, but it does not seem to work with the longer request strings, even though it uses a POST method.


Can you send an example of such a call, so that we can debug?


Ok I’ll email you off the forum.