From utils import BBoxSelector?

I’m following the tutorial in the Sentinel Hub Processing API requests chapter


when I try to run the imports, I don’t get the ‘BoxSelector’ import

from utils import BBoxSelector

I get this message

ImportError: cannot import name ‘BBoxSelector’ from ‘utils’ (/home/jjph/anaconda3/envs/eo-learn/lib/python3.7/site-packages/utils/

Someone can give me some guidance.

The example says

Pick the area of interest

For picking the area of interest (AOI) we use utils.BBoxSelector . For it to work, the ipyleaflet jupyter plug-in has to be installed (docs, github).

So first make sure you have the ipyleaflet installed, then load the from examples folder (i.e. copy the file to your working directory with your notebook). from utils import BBoxSelector should then work.

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