GEOMETRY param is too long

I’m trying to get information about a polygon with:

My GEOMETRY parameters have too much data and it outputs URI Too Long.
Is it possible to send GEOMETRY in a POST endpoint?

Thank you

Hi @manm,

there is currently no POST option for WFS yet, sorry about that. So for WFS you need to simplify polygon before passing it through.
To get the actual data, you can then use our “process” POST API:


We are experiencing the same issue, is there anything we can do? Or latest answer is still the only thing possible to do?
We would love to have another workaround for our users?


If you are interested in WFS-like functionality, make use of the Catalogue API, which is faster, has more features and is not limited with constraints of the GET HTTP request.
Similarly, instead of GET-based WMS/WMTS/WCS you can use processAPI, which is way better.

We do not plan to evolve WFS further as the standard is too constrained. We therefore highly recommend to use STAC-compliant Catalogue API.

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