Get data from an order and consumed quotas

I have successfully ordered with Planet and am able to view data in EO Browser. But I want to download the tiff file and its meta data (which is similar to data package provided by Planet app). How can I do that.

More question, how do I check my consumed quotas?

To check your consumed quotas you can look at your dashboard (at the bottom under Tpdi Quota).

To get a .tiff file, you can use the download button on the right side of the EO Browser, use the Requests Builder tool, or use one of our APIs, such as the Process API, if you prefer to code. This file will have the basic metadata but probably not all the elements that you are after. For more metadata information, I suggest you take a look at the Catalog API.

Of course, if you have more detailed questions about the services, don’t hesitate to post them here!

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Note that for "Hectares under management’ there is currently no integration yet with our “quotas”. In order to xheck how much you consumed, you simply calculate the total area covered by the polygons you have used in the orders.
With PlanetScope HUM things are not yet as smooth as with other collections (working on it with Planet) so you have to take care of the quota yourselves. See more info here: