Getting a list of available dates

I’d like to get the list of dates which include images of a particular extent, so I send an http-request to
the following url: “,5819367,1610917,5826373&TIME=2019-01-01/2019-09-01”

When I use Google Chrome for it, I usually get an immediate result.

However this doesn’t suit our system requirements and I have to perform such requests from an application, which is written in C# and works under IIS control.

So when I perform a request using the code below, I don’t get any response within any acceptable period of time. Finally the request crashes into a timeout exception.

public static async Task<IEnumerable> GetAvailableSentinelImagesDates(string startDate, string finalDate, string bbox)


var getAvailableSentinelImagesDatesUrl = “”;

var serviceUrl = getAvailableSentinelImagesDatesUrl.Replace("", sentinelHubId).Replace("", bbox).Replace("", startDate).Replace("", finalDate);

using (var httpClient = new HttpClient())


var serviceResponse = await httpClient.GetAsync(new Uri(serviceUrl));


string responseBody = await serviceResponse.Content.ReadAsStringAsync();



Could anyone please shed a light on this situation?

There is no reason why this request would not worked from your application.
I am guessing your computer has a firewall set-up and you need to use proxy, which Chrome has configured and your C# code no.
Perhaps best to consult with some IT consultant.

Thanks Grega!
I should say that the service works fine for us in case requests are sent using JS XmlHttpRequest, an odd thing that it is not working when requests are sent from server side.
However, using JS pretty suits our requirements.