Getting no images from subscription

Dear sentinelhub employee,

The following subscription returns no products:

{'input': {'provider': 'PLANET',
  'planetApiKey': 'MY_KEY_HERE',
  'bounds': {'geometry': {'type': 'Polygon',
    'coordinates': [[[31.910743229099996, 2.7806291506000003],
      [31.910129003199994, 2.781235285700006],
      [31.909890621899955, 2.7821970641999947],
      [31.909326016900025, 2.782110329999992],
      [31.909157037700005, 2.7828075518999853],
      [31.909001600000007, 2.78490479999999],
      [31.909528189999993, 2.7854654980000038],
      [31.90961300999999, 2.7864825279999894],
      [31.910251379999995, 2.786385412999998],
      [31.911627900000003, 2.781835599999984],
      [31.910743229099996, 2.7806291506000003]]]},
   'properties': {'crs': ''}},
  'data': [{'itemType': 'PSScene',
    'productBundle': 'analytic_sr_udm2',
    'dataFilter': {'timeRange': {'from': '2017-01-01T00:00:00Z',
      'to': '2018-01-01T00:00:00Z'},
     'maxCloudCoverage': 100},
    'harmonizeTo': 'NONE'}]},
 'name': 'UgandaPlot51_LiiNew1NoHarmonize',
 'collectionId': '35dd3d3d-3cef-MASKED}

While I can order from within the plot of land using the EO browser just fine in the year 2017. Is this a mistake on my part? It does work for some periods (e.g., end of 2016) but not for 2017 for some reason.


the time range filters in PlanetScope subscriptions apply to the “published” time, not to the “acquired”/sensing time. For example, if you make a search for a single date of 2018-01-01, only the product ‘20180101_073826_102e’ is returned; its sensing time is 2018-01-01T07:38:26.322995Z but the published time is 2021-02-19T22:38:24Z, so it is not captured by your subscription. This is documented here.

Fortunately, you can expand the time range of your subscriptions to the present date at no extra cost. Later on you will still be able to filter the data by the actual sensing time using Process API or similar.

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