Height of Buildings

Please advise which of Sentinel’s product(s) is helpful to estimate the Height of the Buildings in an Urban area?

I think you are going to have a tough time estimating building height from Sentinel imagery easily.

With Sentinel-2 (an optical sensor) I imagine you could try to estimate the height from the shadows cast by the buildings knowing the acquisition time, but I doubt you would be very accurate. Here is an example of an image over Dubai.

A study used Sentinel-1 (SAR) data to create an indicator that could then be combined with LiDAR data to map building heights (RMSE ~1.5m), but it doesn’t just rely on Sentinel images.

There is a study that combined Sentinel-1 (SAR) with Sentinel-2 (Optical) to map building height at a large-scale, but the approach is quite complex, using “machine learning regression models with highly accurate building height information from several 3D building models”. And even then, the RMSE obtained was around 4m.

Finally, I found this viewer for Germany, based on a project that could give you ideas…

Dear Maxim,
Thanks for yours reply.