How do I make a data request with .shp-files?

Hey there,

I already have existing .shp-files for my region of interest.
What I wanna do now is to make a data request to get .tiff-files.

Which methods/classes does one use for this purpose?
Are there any examples maybe?


You will have to convert SHP files to GeoJSON, find some examples on how to do it here.

Once done, you can use this example to get tiff:

@gmilcinski Thank you for your answer!

The conversion into .geojson was quite easy - just a few lines using geopandas.
But the examples for the next step look like command line python use I guess?
Since, I’m working within the spyder IDE, I dont really know, how to apply the shown examples =/

Make a dictionary called request e.g. request = {“input”:{ etc containing all the relevant detiails and then use requests e.g.:'', headers=sen_headers,  json=request)

Hi @silvio-oswald,

As an alternative to’s valid recommendation: if you are working in Python, you could use the sentinelhub-py package. I find that it makes Python workflows much easier and is well documented.