How to calculate BBOX values using google map?

Hi, I am new new sentinel hub.

I am using wms api request but i am not sure how to calculate BBOX values, i used static values from the example but want it to be dynamic, I am using google map FYI.

Is there any function available using javascript to get the values of BBOX for visible area of map?

Thanks in advance for your help.


in Google Maps you can get coordinates by clicking to a certain point on the map. Then you can copy paste these coordinates into your wms request.

Another alternative is EO Browser which shows you coordinates of your mouse (bottom right).

However if you are looking to write an application in Javascript that would collect bbox coordinates automatically from the map I suggest using Leaflet. An example of integration code can be found at by clicking on Integration Tool button (upper right corner of the map).

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You can also check the code for integration in Google Maps

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