How to order historical PlanetScope imaginery


I’ve been succesfully getting planetscope images for recent days (May/June 2022).
I do it through the BYOC in Request Builder.
Now I need to order images of the same polygon, but from last year (2021), I understand I need to somehow set my account to make those images available. (If I order them now I get empty images, with no data).
What steps do I need to follow to get them?

Thanks in advanced!


if you were able to order recent data through the Third-Party Data Import API then you can also order any historical data.

As far as I can tell, you have ordered some 2021 data over a year ago, but have later deleted that BYOC collection. Please just make a new order or subscription so that you will get it again. The easiest way to combine 2021 and 2022 data is to use the same BYOC collection (and thus the same itemType and productBundle) for both.

That solved it.
Thank you very much!