How to set date for S2 on 1st recently?

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How to set range date for S2 on 1st recently?
It means mosaic date range from: 1st recent - 15 days ago.

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it depends on how you want to use Sentinel Hub.

If you plan to access the data with WMS, the mosaic order can be set on the Dashboard. Then, in the WMS request, the time parameter should be set to <selected_date_minus_delta>/<selected_date>, where <selected_date> is the most recent date you want and <selected_date_minus_delta> is in your case the most recent date minus 15 days (more about WMS parameters here). But note, Sentinel-2 does not cover the whole Earth every day, so the data for some area is not available every day.

Edit: Adding here, that mosaicking order can also be set with a WMS parameter priority (set to mostRecent). The documentation for this is available here.

If you plan to access the data through Processing API, both mosaicking order and time range are set in the request data. Here is more about how to make a request to Processing API (the authentication is needed to make a request).

In similar fashion, this is also possible with python library sentinelhub-py (example) and javascript library sentinelhub-js (documentation).

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If you want to the FROM/TO to something like “-3 days/-18 days”, where “-3 days” is the “1st recent”, you will not be able to do it in the Configuration utility. You can however always set these in the request as well, e.g. as a TIME parameter in the OGC call - you will have to first perform a catalogue call to get the last date, then add it.

Another option would be to use “filterScenes()” in the EVALSCRIPT.

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