How to use CRS for bbox that is not supported


I would like to use the CRS with the EPSG code 3035.
However, this CRS is not suported yet in the sentinelhub library (Error in the BBox functionality).
Is there a way to use my CRS instead of reprojecting back and forth?

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Not at the moment. We will record this on the list of feature requests and come back to you once implemented. We cannot commit to the timeline though.

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You might already be aware but Sentinel Hub itself does support EPSG:3035, just sentinelhub-py doesn’t (yet).

The support for any custom CRS has now been added to sentinelhub-py. Now it is possible define an area of interest in a custom CRS like this:

from sentinelhub import CRS, BBox

my_bbox = BBox((3000000, 3000000, 3005000, 3005000), crs=CRS(3035))

At the moment this is on develop-3.0 branch and will be released in version 3.0 on Monday.

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