Imagery availability


I have noted that Sentinel publishes a statement about how long imagery takes to become available for download here.

What I am struggling to understand, is that we only seem to be seeing imagery made available through the API today, which was taken a few days back (previous requests never bought these images back). I know the notes say that imagery can take longer than a day, but could it take up to two or three days?

Is there any way we can track the timeline from when an image is actually taken to when it becomes available for download through the API?

Hope that made sense.

It happens occasionally, far from rarely, that some parts of production are delayed. In most cases these cases are reported on Copernicus Hub News, I suggest to take a look there.

That said, you can check the productInfo.json for each tile and you will see all the information there:

timestamp: "2018-07-20T22:09:19.024Z"
sciHubIngestion: "2018-07-21T12:36:07.895Z"
s3Ingestion: "2018-07-21T12:42:04.505Z"

That is really useful; thank you.