Is it possible to import points of interest in the EO browser?


Is it possible to import points of interest with coordinates into the EO browser and get the same statistic from the “Statistical Info/Feature Info Service Chart”?

Thank you!

Hey @mpankov198340,

this is currently unfortunately not possible as we only support single points of interest (manually placed on the map) or polygon (multi-polygons) upload.

To get some first idea about the statistics you could upload the points as small polygons via a multi-polygon geojson. As the polygons might then however overlap pixels the results won’t be 100% accurate and you also only get one statistic for all.

You can of course also always download the data and do the statistics on the image itself outside of EO Browser.

Adding support for several POIs is for sure an interesting feature and we will see if we can support this in the future.


Thank you, Daniel.

Even one POI would be useful if it can be analyzed with the exact coordinates. Please let me know if you come up with a feature anytime soon. It would be very useful.