Is there any provision to download the straight forward only AOI from planet tiles

We want to download our AOI for a range of dates. Now at few dates AOI is not covered completely by single Planet tile. But it is covered by multiple Planet tiles. As shown in the screenshots below

Currently we have to manage at our end to download the appropriate area from respective tiles. Which sometimes leads to a lot of artifacts i.e. as shown in the image below

Issues :

  1. Our AOI have haziness in the bottom left and right areas.
  2. In the bottom left there is a gap which leads to discontinuity in the area.
  3. In terms of clarity both bottom left and right areas looks a bit grainy. So, is there any correction required to smoothened the images? This issue we have also seen in several other images.

If I understand correctly, you would want to avoid mixing data coming from two or more scenes?
The easiest way to do that is to check the exact sensing time of the scene (with hours, minutes and seconds) and then use this in the FROM/TO parameter in OGC request (TIME) or process API.

The color disbalance you see is a consequence of several types of satellites currently operating (dove, super dove, super dove 2). This situation will be improving through time.

@gmilcinski We are fine having data from multiple scenes even though they are few minutes or hours apart but should be of same day.

So, What my question was, rather than managing the logic at our end to take appropriate portion of our AOI from either single scene or if AOI is not completely covered by single scene then multiple scenes. Do you have any provision where we just give our AOI (i.e. upload KML) and in return we get the processed Planet Scope image of our AOI. So, we don’t have to bother whether it was extracted from multiple scenes or single scene.

As you mentioned color disbalance issue is due to several types of satellites. Can we know in the meta data what kind of satellite has covered a particular scene?