Issue with BYOC Bucket Access Settings


I am having an issue getting a COG ingested via BYOC on the dashboard. The error message is the following “Could not access your files (check access policy).”

I’ve followed the instructions at this location, including adding the bucket policy and replacing the bucket name as appropriate:

The test file was configured as a COG according the steps in the documentation, with the exception of the cover geometry attribute, but with an access error I am inclined to believe that’s not the problem.

The bucket is located in eu-central-1 and, in addition to the bucket setting policy from the documentation, the bucket is public so I do not understand why the access policy would be an issue. Is there any additional setting that is being missed in this workflow?

Thank you!


the bucket used in your collection does not seem to be public nor to have the the policy set correctly, because we can’t access it. Please check again, and also please check the BYOC collection uses the correct bucket name.