Landsat 8 in dashboard

Hello there

I would welcome indications as how to configure Landsat 8 in the dashboard. As end-point is different, I don´t have a clear idea as how to do it.

At the same time, is it possible to open dashboard layers in EO Browser rather than in Playground?


You actually configure the datasource in exactly the same manner as for Sentinel. The difference is only in how you use it within your app then.

There, you need to change the URL of the WMS end-point.
E.g. if you copy this from Dashboard:
you change it to

If you login to EO Browser with your username, you should be able to access your configurations by selecting “Themes” at the left bottom part, under the rest of the data sources.
That being said, I am not 100% sure it works for non-Sentinel data sources as it was designed prior to multi-system functionality of Sentinel Hub. Give it a try.

Thanks Grega, I´ll give it a try

Hi Grega

I tried to see my instances in the EO Browser, using the “themes” button, but I only see Wildfires and Volcanoes. Any idea how to move on?

Sorry about that. We just noticed we have introduced a bug, which prevents this. We are working to fix it and should be available soon. Will let you know, once this is the case.

This should be now fixed, you will probably need to do a refresh of the application.