Landsat using WcsRequest

I’m trying to collect Landsat8/9 over some locations and periods using Python/WCsRequest, but, in many cases, the code failed because of the following error:

File ~/.local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/sentinelhub/download/, in fail_user_errors..new_download_func(self, request)
42 except requests.HTTPError as exception:
43 if (
44 exception.response.status_code <
45 and exception.response.status_code !=
46 ):
—> 47 raise DownloadFailedException(
48 _create_download_failed_message(exception, request.url), request_exception=exception
49 ) from exception
50 raise exception from exception

DownloadFailedException: Failed to download from:
with HTTPError:
400 Client Error: Bad Request for url:
Server response: “TYPENAME=DSS13 not found!”

Do you have any idea how to fix this?
Thank you

Hi @S_K ,

In your configuration you’re using Lantsat 8-9 OLI-TIRS L1 data, but it seems that the url is requesting Lantsat 8-9 OLI-TIRS L2 data collection (DSS13 is level 2 product).

Please try to set the the data_collection parameter of your WcsRequest as following data_collection=DataCollection.LANDSAT_OT_L1 and it should work as expected.

Hi @chung.horng
Many thanks for getting back to me so quickly.
I’m more interested in level2. I think the error was due to my wrong costume script and its layer. I edited it and it seems to be working fine for now!
Kind regards