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Hi SH forum,

I want to download a 10km2 Pleiades image in all its 0.5m glory (resolution).
But doing so exceeds the 5000*5000 pixel limit.
So I have split my AOI into two tiles using bboxsplitter. I’m trying to pass it as this:

bounding_box = BBox(bbox = geometry_list[1].boundary, crs = CRS.WGS84) #1 of 2 tiles

wcs_true_color_request = WcsRequest(
data_source = DataSource(collection_id),
layer = ‘<LAYER_NAME>’,
bbox = bounding_box,
time = ‘2019-08-01’,
resx = ‘0.5m’,
resy = ‘0.5m’,
config = config

But I still get a size limit error: "Output image area of 6322 x 3182 is too large! Should be at most 5000 x 5000 pixels."

Do I have to split the image before ordering? i.e. which would use more of my quota?

Hmm. I am guessing that there is an issue with sentinelhub-py, which was designed in times when 10m resolution was the best we were dealing with, so perhaps some glitch when working with lower ones.

With “do I have to split before ordering” you are referring to “Third party data import” ordering? If yes, the answer is no, this is not related in any way.

The work-around would be to split the area yourself in 4 parts and download each part separately…

CC: @iovsn @maleksandrov

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Hi @mpayne,

Both width and height dimensions of a requested image must not exceed 5000 pixels. Therefore I suggest splitting your original bbox into 2x2 grid of bboxes.

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@gmilcinski @maleksandrov

Thanks for your suggestions, they were very helpful!

For a 10km2 image, I needed to divide a 10km2 bbox into a 3,3 grid of bboxes, to allow the download to progress.
Just in case this helps anyone else.

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