MimeType.TIFF_d32f doesn't work

It seems like all the returned .tiff files use uint8 dtype from yesterday no matter what image_format are set.
It works well before, but suddenly all the returns becomes uint8 type for unknown reasons.

The CloudMaskRequest also raise error “Parameter ‘all_bands’ is set to False. Therefore expected band data with 10 bands, got 9 bands”

Hi @jiwei.xu,

your observations are correct, this is a consequence of transition to evlascript V3.

To get FLOAT32 you need to add sampleType: “FLOAT32” to your evalscript. Find more details here: https://docs.sentinel-hub.com/api/latest/user-guides/transition/#use-case-5-formatimagetiffdepth32f

If you have any troubles with this or more questions, I would be happy to help you out. Just post more details here.
Best, Anja

Hi! @jiwei.xu
I am using FLOAT32 in evalscript V3 but still getting this error as follows:

Hi @marizafar786,

The enum MimeType.TIFF_d32f from sentinelhub package was also removed 2 years ago and instead MimeType.TIFF should be used.

Thank your for your response @maleksandrov , your answer has solved my problem.