Ndvi images file

Suggestions please - I am after NDVI data for a specific farm in the UK that we are studying - but cannot determine what files I need. Is there a manual I should have? I assume I need data derived from the OCLI Instrument
Thanks for any help
Eric Goodyer

Hi Eric,
you should check Sentinel-2 data. NDVI index is a combination of bands B4 and B8. You can find more information about the NDVI index (and the rest of the EO products) here:

With the Sentinel Hub account you can configure your own layers as well:
You will also find various combinations of colours (which can be further modified) here:


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In general, NDVI uses two properties to quantify healthy vegetation. It uses near-infrared (NIR) because vegetation strongly reflects it. And it also uses red light, because plants strongly absorb it. For this same reason, this is why our eyes see vegetation as the color green.

Now that you have a bit of background on NDVI, you can easily create NDVI maps in ArcGIS.

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