Negative low edge for histogram


I’m trying to understand if it’s possible to put a negative lowEdge for a histogram.

We have a formula which return values from within the ranges of -0.5 to 3.5.
Just in case there are values that fall out of that range and we still care, we would like to have a lowEdge of -2.0 and a highEdge of 5.0. The problem is that when I add the lowEdge, all dates throw an EXECUTION_ERROR .

In case a negative lowEdge is not possible, we also tried leaving it empty, but the script also takes out clouded pictures and when a POI is fully clouded, hence all dataMask pixels are 0, that date will throw an EXECUTION_ERROR as well.

Are we missing something? What solution can be apply for this scenario if none of the two above are valid?


Nevermind, I found the solution. Sorry.

So, even though request builder doesn’t let one put a negative lowEdge, it’s possible editing the request preview, but I didn’t realize I was adding the lowEdge as a float instead of a string.

This doesn’t work lowEdge: -2.0 but this does lowEdge: '-2.0'


Thanks for posting the solution.

This is now the behaviour on Requests Builder.