New HTTP 500 error

I have been successfully doing batch WCS requests using the EO-learn library for several weeks (besides the problems solved a few days ago - Repeatable (retry always fails) HTTP 500 errors for certain dates).
Today, after successfully running some requests, I suddenly am getting a new HTTP 500 error for all new requests. I have changed nothing in the configurator or in the requests in this time (it happened mid-way through a loop making requests for lots of different small areas).

Example request:


com.sinergise.sentinel.configuration.WmsLayer["datasourceDefaults"]->com.sinergise.sentinel.s2.S2L1CDatasourceAttributes["atmosphericCorrection"]) ]]>



P.S. in the last minutes, my requests are again being processed successfully…

The upgrade of the service, which we did today between 14:30 and 15:00 caused a disruption in specific cases (if one of the layers had atmospheric correction set to FULL).
The error was resolved and services should be back to normal.

I apologize for inconvenience.