No Sentinel-1 ingestion for the past few days?


First of all, thanks a lot for providing Sentinel-1 GRD tiled tiffs on AWS, this is of great value to the remote sensing community!

When looking at the RODA endpoint for images from March 2020 (, it seems that no images were ingested since March 14th. Are you encountering issues with the ingestion?

Generally speaking, is there a channel where you communicate such issues so that we can stay informed?


Guillaume Lostis

Yeah, occasionally the throughput of SciHub is having issues and a backlog happens therefore. Sentinel-1 ingestion comes after Sentinel-2 is complete, so issues show there first.
We are looking into it and trying to mitigate it, but not fully in our hands…

Note that situation has improved quite a bit in the last 24 hours. It seems our tweaks helped… until next time…
Note that the roda end-point is tied to CloudFront and there is quite some caching there. But if you go to
you will see some products.

Indeed the backlog seems to have been absorbed, thanks!

Just to make sure I understand correctly your comment, you mean that since roda is tied to CloudFront, calls such as may not be up to date due to caching, but if I hit directly this kind of URL, caching should not be an issue? Or did I misunderstand?

I’m asking because I wrote a script that goes on Scihub to get the names of the latest SAFEs, and then for each SAFE builds a URL such as the one above and queries it to check if the SAFE is available on AWS or not. However if you tell me that the response of this endpoint might lag behind AWS S3 due to caching, this would be an issue in my approach.

I am not an expert in CloudFront, but I think you are right - if you go to URL directly, it should be there.

The best option obviously would be to go directly to S3 API - this would be certain.