Number of requests

Hello Team,

Could you please help me to get how many requests are needed to process an image?
I want to understand the number of requests that are taking for an image.

Is there any way to query and get the details or could you please tell me how to check those details?

Thank you!

I am not sure I understand the question. There are two units we are measuring:

  • number of reqests - here, every request you make (to WCS, process API, WMS, WFS) counts as “one request”, regardless of the image
  • number of processing units - this depends on how large the image is, how many observations you process, how many inputs bands - see details here.

Thank you for the quick response!

I would like to understand how requests are calculated. I have gone through the details and I got that there are 15 requests are available for a second. If I understand correctly, here the “15 requests” meant 15 dates which we request, and also we can process 15 dates per second. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

For example, Would it be counted as “two requests” if I request the data(process API) for 2 dates ( “2021-04-10” and “2021-04-13”) for an AOI?

Perhaps first worth to mention that the rate limits depend on the subscription package you have. i.e. Exploration supports 5 requests per second (300 per minute), Enterprise-L 20 requests per second (1200 per minute). We can also provide a custom package.

For process API, each request (=triggering the POST request) counts as one request. If you process two observations within one request, this is still one request.