OpenCV and eo-learn


I am using batch process api to downloading large area data and storing it on S3 bucket. Using the evalscript I am doing simple thresholding and generating binary images. Right now I use opencv for some clustering afterward on my local machine. Is there a way to use opencv through eo-learn somehow/?



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Hello @chinmay

You can check out the already implemented tasks in eo-learn. Perhaps what you need has been already implemented.

Otherwise, it is very easy to create your own tasks, as described here. We already use opencv for some processing tasks, as for instance the registration module, so you can check this out for some examples.

Great, thanks @devis.peressutti. I will check those out. I am mainly looking for contour related operations.

Then I would suggest looking at the Geometry (e.g. SlicSegmentation and SuperPixelSegmentation tasks) and Feature (e.g. ClusteringTask and BlobTask) modules.

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