Planet Orders not displayed

My account has placed orders for the images but the status is CREATED and changed to DONE. But I don’t get any pictures of the planet for the orders I created. Please can you advise me why the images are not processed. My Dashboard shows Done. Thanks.

Hi @m.a.andreozzi,

it seems your Planet configuration (“My PlanetScope data with UDM2”) had the collection ID overriden, referring to Airbus data.

I have now corrected the configuration, to refer to collection 86a0a51c-MASKED and it is working for me.

Please check yourself.

For future Planet orders I suggest you ingest them in the same collection, to avoid this trouble.


Why is Grega giving me this error?

Can you try to switch off the “Harmonize data”? The previous order you put in the same collection had this off.

Good evening, nothing is the same even when deactivating.

Hi @m.a.andreozzi,

might it be you did not use the same “Product bundle”? More specifically, you have to use analytic_sr_udm2 (same as the type you used first).
I now tried to do this in your’s name and it seems to be working well (the order was submitted and is currently RUNNING and should be finished in a couple of minutes).