Polygon that fall inside two tiles from the same date


I have a theorthical question regard how sentinel hub deals with the following scenario.

If have polygon which falls between two tiles , like on the overlap part of these two tiles , for example here (red cross) :

if I request to get image for the bbox of the polygons, from specific date, what will be the result image? will it be from one tile? mean of both? selecting one tile randomly? or maybe it relates to the time_difference parameter? how does it work?

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I suggest you check this document.

In short, it depends which mosaicking type you are using:

  • for TILE - you will actually get both tiles in the evaluatePixel part of the script (ordered based on the priority setting; by default descending by time) and you can simply decide what to do with each of the pixel values
  • for ORBIT - Sentinel Hub will blend the values in one (in theory they should be exactly the same, but sometimes they are not, for whatever reason)
  • for SIMPLE - you will get the pixel value of the product with the latest timestamp (unless PRIORITY parameter sets it differently)
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