Problem saving WMS configurator custom script

It is my first time trying to edit a WMS configurator custom script and I probably overlooked something basic. I want to add time stamps to the WMS included i QGIS, so I extended the default configurator script with this line: “type”: “DATE”. See below. But the script will not save even though the JSON seems to be correct. The WMS configurator simply resets my changes back to the original script by removing “type”: “DATE”.

The strange thing is, if I only change one of the booleans to “false” and do not add anything new, it does save correctly. Can anybody help?

I tried with and without the overlays parameter found here:

@id”: “”,
“id”: " ",
“name”: “Simple WMS instance”,
“userId”: " ",
“additionalData”: {
“showLogo”: true,
“showWarnings”: true,
“imageQuality”: 100,
“type”: “DATE”
“userData”: {}

To add DATE overlay, you need to edit Layer’s Advanced data, not Instance’s Advance date (sorry for the complexity).
If you tell me, which layer (and instance; just first few chars) you would like to add this to, I can help you with the first step.

Thank you, please do. Does this sufficiently identify it?

@id”: “”, “id”: 256, “name”: “NDVI.COLOR_MAP”,

this does I guess

Here you have.
For the next one, these are the steps you need to do:
Click “Advanced” on layer pane

Scroll down (and click “?” to get helper)

“additionalData”: {
“overlays”: [
“type”: “DATE”

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