Python scripts template

Hi, I’m following the examples for using Sentinelhub Python package. It refers to Python scripts templates. I understand they replace the configuration utility? But in example 11 on Evalscript; the WmsRequest function still has instanceID as a parameter and also dates. Would the instanceID be redundant in this case?

Hi @flightforminsights,

Evalscript actually only overrides how layer is defined in Configurator and nothing else.

The instance ID is required always because it also serves as an user authentification. It is not possible to make a request to Sentinel Hub services without it. In the Python package you have to either pass it as a parameter or save it into package’s configuration file.

When using evalscript even the name of a layer still has to be specified. That is because evalscript won’t override the source of data (i.e. Sentinel-2 L1C, Sentinel-2 L2A, Sentinel-1, Landsat 8, …). It will only override the equation specifying what combination of bands will be returned.

Thanks for asking this, I hope this answer makes sense. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick reply. It does make sense, it overrides the configurator layer equation.

I will make sure I understand by doing it.