Quota Reset Date

I have a question about quota reset date. For an annual subscription, if the monthly quota is exceeded, does it reset at the beginning of next month or is it calculated for the sum of last 30 days or any other method?

Hi @gis_elle,

I imagine you are referring to processing units/requests quota, right?

For these, the quota is continuously updated, i.e.in the example below, which you can find in the Dashboard, there is one processing unit added each 89.28 seconds.

Therefore, if you set-up your process in a way that you consume 1 processing unit every 90 seconds, you will consume full 30.000 PU every month. If you conusme all 30.000 processing units now, you will have another 1000 PU available after 24 hours, then 1000 more, in total 30000 over a month.

I hope this answers your question?

Note that we can also offer custom packages, i.e. with processing units distributed over a year and so on.


Hi @Grega,
This was exactly what i was wondering. Thank you very much for the information.