RGB image quality

I downloaded my data based on the script for TCI images. Sometimes, for random cases, downloaded data looks like below. Many times some details are also overexposed.
What may be the reason?

evalscript_true_color = """

    function setup() {
        return {
            input: [{
                bands: ["B02", "B03", "B04"],
            output: {
                bands: 3,

    function evaluatePixel(sample) {
        return [3.5*sample.B04, 3.5*sample.B03, 3.5*sample.B02];

Example of overexposed image:

Hi @dariusz.tanajewski ,

The reason for the overexposure lies in the multiplication factor of 3.5 in your return statement in function evaluatePixel :

This multiplication factor can be used to adjust the brightness of the pixel values for visualisation purposes. You could tweak the value to suit your visualisation needs and area of interest (AOI).

In some AOIs you might still encounter overexposed features in the returned image. In these cases you should try to apply the HighlightCompressVisualizer.