Saving an EOPatch


I am new to eo-learn Python SDK, and I am trying to reproduce the most basic examples from the Docker container sentinelhub/eolearn:latest-examples.

Having successfully reproduced the SentinelHubIO.ipynb notebook to some extent, I am stuck with these pretty simple lines for saving the eopatch:

save = SaveTask(‘io_example’, overwrite_permission=2, compress_level=1)

workflow = LinearWorkflow(input_task, add_indices, add_l2a_and_scl, add_dem, save)

result = workflow.execute({
input_task: {‘bbox’: roi_bbox, ‘time_interval’: time_interval},
save: {‘eopatch_folder’: ‘c:/eopatch’}

I can visualize the eopatch, but after executing the lines above no information is saved in the eopatch folder.

What am I missing?

Thank you!

Hi @lvbatista,

Docker image sentinelhub/eolearn:latest-examples is using Linux, therefore I recommend removing 'c:/' part of eopatch_folder parameter.

The location of saved EOPatch is a combination of path parameter given to SaveTask at initialization and a parameter eopatch_folder given at execution. Therefore in your case, the location will be ./io_example/eopatch, relative to the notebook inside the docker container.

Thank you very much, @maleksandrov!

I did found the eopatch in the location you specified!