Sentinel 2 level 2 products with high values

We have downloaded images (L2 products) but the actual values that we see are very high (thousands), it doesn’t seem like reflectance. What can be the problem and how it can be transformed into reflectance value?

Dividing by 10000 will give you reflectance. More info

thanks! but isn’t supposed to be reflectance already?

It depends how exactly you are accessing the data. Originally the data are stored as digital numbers, not reflectance. Through Sentinel Hub you can get both options.

Yes, I understand that, but I thought that when you download level 2 products you get the finished product with reflectance values and there is no need to make repairs.
S2B_MSIL2A_20200609T081609_N0214_R121_T36SYB_20200609T122714 this is an example of file I have.

These are digital numbers, not reflectance.